ARCHILOM was established in Moscow in 2016 Our mission is to make responsible architecture by bringing our knowledge and innovation, exploring all paths to bring smart,unique, crisp and fresh design. Through the years, ARCHILOM has gained a significant amountof experience and an excellent reputation as a market leading design specialist across all development sectors in Russia. We have successfully completed a wide portfolio of Projects that demonstrate our abilities. We have taken more than a fourth of our projects through fromconcept to construction completion and onward to the opening of the buildings.

At ARCHILOM we pay particular attention to the needs of the individual, their attitude towardseach commission and we work with the client’s team and the design team to develop the best architectural answer to given task. We explore each task in all aspects of: context, function, community, atmosphere, impact, economy, material and time. In this way we are able to tailoreach job to meet the needs of the investor, the client, the constructed environment and deliverahead of time design. Over the years in our development we have tried to keep our ear verymuch responsive to our clients needs and to the market’s de ARCHILOM we run educationinternal programs and focus of self-improvement and development.

ARCHILOM is successfully acting as the General Designer for many of our clients’ projects. Undertaking such function we are in charge of full responsibility for the co-ordination andelaboration of the complete package of project documentation volumes.